61 Year Old Florida Man Is Being Dragged On Social Media For Marrying His Goddaughter As Soon As She Turned 18


A Florida man is being dragged on social media for marrying his now 18 yr old God Daughter.

Michael Haugabook, 61, married Deja Haugabook, 18, despite her age and alleged family history. 

After outrage on Twitter, Deja released a video on Facebook asking people to stop calling her husband a predator and to mind their business. 

This was one of the tweets that started the conversation online:



In response to all of the backlash, Deja took to social media to ‘explain’ her choices.

She said she would rather be with someone who has all his stuff together and who is loyal.

Listen below:

and this video:

Michael responded to critics in a now-viral Facebook post, accusing people of being jealous of his wife.

“It seems like I’m the only N*gga in this town has married a young woman but since it’s me they got to have something 2 talk about. Look like you little girls are jealous of my wife but keep on promoting us I love it.”

People started to question the role of Deja’s Parent (s) in all of this, and there is a video of her mother sharing that she lost her daughter when she was very young due to drug abuse.

Watch her response below:

The question of his age is also debatable, many claiming he is in his 40’s others claiming he is 55, based on videos being shared online.

This Twitter user shared a screenshot seemingly confirming his actual age of 61.




It’s the fact that the individuals involved think this is normal is unreal! We hope Deja gets the help she needs.

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  1. You don’t sleep with someone who has slept with your family members friends none of that especially not your mother. The fact you hat they have a 2 yr old and she just turned 18 should be enough to send him to jail. He is disgusting and has manipulated and controlled her. I hope that she wakes up before it’s too late. True definition of a Pervert and Pedophile

  2. We, collectively as a society & a community black or otherwise, condone the RAPE of children in the US, the world. How many pedo’s are our hubby’s, brothers, uncles, aunties, pastors????? And, we have kept it secret or shame the child.

    We spend trillions on war yet a pittance on targeting pedo’s, charging, convicting & locking them up while FAILING to have enough services for the victims/survivors.
    And, some of preists, relatives ate guilty. AND the rappers (aka rapers w/their vile, crude lyrics do not help.).


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