7 Abstract Pieces By Akujixx_The Artist That Serve Serious Natural Girl Realness


I found @akujixxv_theartist while exploring Instagram and fell so in love with her pieces I just knew I had to show them to you all here. This artist describes herself as a feminist with a dedication to promoting awareness of mental illness in our communities and her art is amazing.

As I looked through all her work I was particularly intrigued by all of the natural girl realness she put into her work and quickly identified with many of them. I picked just a few and added my own caption based on my own (and probably some of you) natural hair experience.

Check out what I mean below:

1. Black Magic

Akujixxv calls this Black Magic but this just reminds me of that first week when you finally get that protective style put in. I would find everything under the sun to do and swear up and down that not having my natural hair to cope with was the reason I had more time! Then by week two I would miss my hair! – Vicious cycle!

2. Marley Twist

You have the hair, you have the youtube tutorial that made you go out and spend money to get the hair now its time to get comfortable and start your install. How many of you get excited about a style you see on youtube and feel that uncontrollable urge to start it that very night you saw it?

3. Bantu Knots

She is either installing bantu knots or taking them down, either way, doing it without a bra is pretty much the universal #mood!

4. Shrinkage

Stretch, fluff, stretch, fluff! – Give up! – Welcome to our world!

5. “Get me something with cheese”

After wash day is finally over and you can just relax!

6. Oils

Butter, check! Spray bottle, check! Oils, check! – I absolutely hate getting comfortable with everything I need to redo my style before bed and realizing I forget something in another room or bathroom. Hate it!

7. Lightening bugs

This is on those good hair day occasions when your fro is larger than life and behaving but you have nowhere to go. It’s always the days when you have nothing planned that you get the best styles!

Please check out @akujixxv_theartist on Instagram here, and tell her, Emily sent you!


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