7 Head-Turning Bobs That Serve As Some Great Hair Inspo!


Bobs can be so much more than just a simple short cut. From sleek and sexy blunt cuts to chic and flirty pops of color, bobs are so diverse that they may never go out of style. Thinking about trying one for yourself, but unsure how to elevate the look? Here are 7 head-turning bobs that serve as some great hair inspo!

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What To Tell Your Stylist: When going to a salon, make sure you let them know that you want a blunt-cut bob that is at a slight angle. Remember to specify where you want your part (if any), so that it’ll fall evenly on both sides.

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What To Tell Your Stylist: This style in particular is a face-framing asymmetrical cut, with a two-tone cinnamon and burgundy color, and a body wave and bombshell curl at the bang. You can pick any two shades you want for your hair, but be sure to point out the slight ombre at the roots that allows for a flawless transition from one color into another.

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What To Tell Your Stylist: This bob is a feathered, a-line cut with a heavy side bang. Not only is it feathered, but there are also layers that create more body and movement to the style. Don’t forget to let your stylist know which side you want your bang to fall!

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What To Tell Your Stylist: Ask for a bleach blonde, classic short bob! Keep in mind that bleaching is harsh and may take multiple salon visits to achieve your desired lightness. If you don’t want to put your hair through the stress of bleaching and heat styling, consider a quick weave or lacefront wig to achieve this style.

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What To Tell Your Stylist: A burgundy classic, a-line bob that uses different shades of red for highlights and lowlights. There’s light layering to it, and also a side part that can be versatile.

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What To Tell Your Stylist: This is a sleek, blunt cut asymmetrical bob with some seriously laid edges. This can be achieved with clip ins or a quick weave so that you don’t have to give your own hair an uneven cut!

What To Tell Your Stylist: This gorgeous chocolate brown bob is a steep angle cut with chunky, blonde flamboyage highlights and a heavy bang and deep part.

Super cute, right? Comment below and let us know what your favorite style is!


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