9 Illustrations By Nicholle Kobi That Will Make You Fall In Love With Her Art


I have a secret love affair with the Instagram page of Nicholle Kobi. This lady paints the most exquisite pictures and she can create a rendition of the temperament of mainstream media within hours of it happening.

Her illustrations of black women with big beautiful hair in a variety of settings literally has me scrolling through her work on a weekly basis just in case I missed one. Her art is beautiful and I think I have an obligation to always share it wherever I can because everyone deserves to see her work:


@nichollekobi 3

@nichollekobi 4

@nichollekobi 5

@nichollekobi 6

@nichollekobi 7

Nicholle Kobi can be found on Instagram and you can also visit her Etsy shop here.  


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