7 Times Solange Knowles’ Hair Gave Us Heart Eyes


Solange Knowles Orion

Solange Knowles is a fashion icon in the making. From platform shoes to intricately braided hair, she has aimed to be unique and fashion forward through various points of her career. In the last few years, she has merged multiple lanes to trail-blaze one major path and create trends that’ll forever be traced back to her.

Solange’s hair, in particular, has been the source of some serious hair inspo (and envy!) for some time now. After her big chop in 2009, Solange has rocked some cute short cuts, dramatically long locs, and everything in between. Below are 7 instances where Solange Knowles’ hairstyles gave us heart eyes!

Curly Bangs

This voluminous curly afro has perfect face framing bangs and scattered tight curls that complement her chic look.

Solange Knowles curly bangs

Jumbo Twists

Chunky, medium length marley twists are the best style for those of use who long to be both carefree, but also ridiculously stylish all at once.

Solange Knowles Jumbo Marley Twists

Brazen Blonde

They always said blondes have more fun! And when bleach blonde is met with the warm undertones of melanin-rich skin, it could only get better.

Solange Knowles Blonde Fro

Beach Waves

Loose bitch waves on blown out hair make for a textured dream. Solange Knowles is good for a face-framing style with a carefree touch.

Solange Knowles Carefree Waves

Sleek and Chic

A sleek, slicked down middle part bun paired with five silver clips shows the flirty side of elegance.

Solange Knowles Hair Clips

Braided Beauty

Braids are a long time friend of ours. However, Solange put a funky spin on this throwback style by leaving the ends open and letting the frizz live! Not to mention, that snazzy red lip pairing.

Solange Knowles Small Braids

The Big Bang

Solange put together our two favorites: the beach waves and curly bang. It has all the volume of one, and all the trendiness of the other. The best part? These waves are an even mix of deep and loose styles.

Solange Knowles Wavy Bangs



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