8 #Squadgoals Pictures That Can Serve As Your Summer Fun Inspiration


This Summer I plan to do the most at the beach or the pool and I plan to do it either with family or friends.  Some of us often claim the beach as our happy place because it symbolizes, fun, vacation and just overall peace. In addition to that, it is the ultimate #squadgoals destination for women who just want to spend a little time with their girls and let loose a bit.

Have you ever went on vacation or on a quick road trip with your squad and thought about how memorable the occasion was?

These days rolling with a bunch of your girls to the beach or pool is nothing but a thing and women all over the world are capturing these moments and posting them as inspiration to social media.

Since we are pretty much gearing up for an epic Summer consider this post as your motivation to get Summer fun ready specifically with your girls! So what are the rules when heading on a beach or pool trip with your squad?

Here are 5 suggestions we came up with!

Invite ALL of your girls!


Never be afraid to invite all of your friends, if you aren’t rolling deep you are missing out on a really fun trip. Trips with one or two of your girls are always fun but huge group trips are unforgettable!! Get organized and get lit and do not forget to capture every moment!

Matchy Matchy Photo Ops


I absolutely loved this photo, the coordinated head wraps, the glasses the white swimsuits – Totally here for all of that slay! When you go on your trip with your girls bring something that you can match or coordinate with for photos! Looking back on your trip you will be glad you did!

Get In Formation


All I can say about this one is you, or one of your girls need to make sure you pack the good camera. Wide angle shots like the one above are amazing for documenting your trip and amazing for Instagram. This photo is probably still trending everywhere right now!

Let it all go


I really want to say let it all hang out, but in an effort to be a little bit responsible I will just say let go of most of your inhibitions. Squad links are for fun, being your best self and living your best life, so never miss an opportunity to act a little silly. If anything, do it for the group shot!

Stay on theme


Themes are so much fun especially for bachelorette parties that are now set on the beach. There is nothing like celebrating your friend’s move into the next chapter of her life with custom swimwear that shows your support and that let everyone know that this trip was the best time ever!


At the end of the day, this is the season to really have some fun and enjoy your squad. All these photos were taken from one of my favorite Instagrams @mygirlsquad where happiness and sisterhood are always trending!


When was the last time you had a squad vacation? Comment below!


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