8 Times Fantasia Wore A Dress And Slayed


The queen of Rocksoul has been slaying our lives lately serving look after look to the delight of her followers on Instagram.

If you have not guessed it already I have a thing for dresses and Fantasia has been getting her body right and showing off all her hard work in some pretty cute ones designed to fit every curve she has been given.

Here are 8 times Fantasia slayed my life in a dress and her signature pixie cut!

Look 1 – In this first look she captioned the picture by saying “I was made for this” and I was literally in the comment section totally agreeing!

Look 2 – Her caption says it all:
The evolution of greatness is not defined by a single moment. It’s a series of highs and lows that not only test you but make you stronger.

Look 3 – Killing it in NY

Look 4 – Date night with Mr. Taylor

Look 5 – Winter White in Texas

Look 6 – Gorgeous in pink

Look 7 – Another pink number, with a dramatic top half which might be a little much for some but on Tasia, perfect!

Look 8 – Another date night look with Mr. Taylor who I bet was speechless when she walked out to the car!

Which look was your favorite?


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