A Back To School Hairstyle Guide For Elementary, Middle And High School Girls

Back To School

Getting the kids back to school especially in the first week can be absolutely stressful if you aren’t prepared, especially when it comes to buying all the essentials they will need to start school. I can see a lot of parents last minute trying to buy stationery online and I don’t blame them.

There is just so much to do, but as a parent, that is our job. As parents, we just want to ensure that our kids are happy and that we can help them transition to new grades, new schools, and new experiences smoothly without any worry. Even though I cannot help you with every aspect of your child’s transition, I can definitely help with back to school hairstyle suggestions for our girls.

In this post, we have more than a few style suggestions (and some tips) for elementary school, middle school, and high school! Read below and let me know if you tried any in the comment section!

Elementary School

The first few weeks of school is nothing short of a fashion show. Kids can’t wait to show up with their fresh clothes, new school supplies, and most importantly, new hairstyles and cuts–especially our little girls.

Elementary school is a time where moms, dads, and older siblings alike are still in charge of hair, so you know it’s part of our job to not only make them look good but help them feel good about how they look as well. Below are 4 cute and easy back to school hairstyles (and some great tips!) to help your grade schoolers start the school year off stylishly right!

Braided Chunky Twist Ponytail

Back To School hairstyles

To do this hairstyle, all you need is some basic braiding and twisting skills. Cornrow the hair in the direction of a high ponytail and style the remaining hair into neat, chunky twists. Not only is this hairstyle perfect as a protective style for the unrelaxed kiddies, but it’s simple enough to dress up with any bows and barrettes you want.

Grades: Kindergarten – 6th grade

Tip: Trying different variations of the hairstyle like wrapping the ponytail into a bun or turning it into a twist out will extend the life of the hairstyle, turning one look into multiple and making it last all week!

Side Twist or Braid w/ Low Bun

back to school

This is a great go-to style because it looks like a lot of time and effort was put into it, but really, it’s just a cute spin on a simple bun. After you decide where you want the side part to be, slick the large side down and loosely braid or twist into a half crown; brush down the other side, secure into a ponytail, and pull into a bun.

Grades: Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Tip: For a more elaborate bun, twist or braid it before securing it. Do what is easiest for you, and puts the least tension on your child’s hair.

Front Twists w/ Braid Buns

Back to School hairstyles

For this cute style, part your child’s hair from ear to ear. The top section should be put into multiple two strand twists, while the bottom is braided into a bun. Make sure all the twists are falling to one side, and are tight enough so that they won’t come loose during the school day. To fix up the ends, do a quick finger coil or flexi rod them.

Grades: 2nd – 5th grade

Tip: Use an oil or pomade when twisting and braiding your child’s hair to keep their hair protected and healthy. If you want to style their hair the morning of, make sure it was washed, dried, and maybe even stretched the night before to make the process quicker and easier.

Criss Cross Braids w/ Puffs

back to school

At one point or another, we all rocked the all too familiar afro puffs. This particular style adds criss crossed braids to the classic look–parting a section of the hair into about 6 boxes, braiding each section, styling them into a criss cross pattern, and placing the rest of the hair into two basic puffs.

Grades: 1st – 4th Grade

Tips: For more advanced braiders, you can easily braid the end of one braid into the start of another to make it all look seamless. For beginners, there’s no shame in braiding each piece individually and crossing them over afterward–you can always secure them with small, nearly invisible bobby pins!

Bonus: Another Criss-Cross style

This style by GlamFam is a bit more intricate but super gorgeous watch below:

Middle School

Middle School High School can be 50% awkward and 50% right of passage; you’re not a little kid anymore, but you’re also not grown, and that can cause some confusion when it comes to stepping into your own personal look and style–especially when it comes to things like makeup and hair. Luckily, there’s a bunch of cute looks that are more mature and on trend, but still, age appropriate. Here are 4 great back to school hairstyles (and tips!) to help your preteen and teenager start the school year off confidently!

Curly Ponytail w/ Jumbo Gold Clips

back to school hairstyle

You can never go wrong with a basic and natural ponytail, but sometimes it can get boring. One thing all young women should eventually learn to do to elevate their look? Accessorize. Adding these huge gold clips or some extra curly crochet hair to your ponytail makes it look a lot more put together.

Tip: If they aren’t yet comfortable with their hair length and extensions are not an option, go for a bun! A bun will give the illusion of length and thickness for short and/or thin hair that a ponytail cannot. Things like hair donuts and stretching your curls could help to make your bun look bigger.

Sleek, Natural Top Bun

back to school hairstyle

For this hairstyle, all you need to do is brush your hair up into a bun–only securing an elastic hair band over it one time to make the bun bigger instead of smaller and tighter. Typically, when you hear the word “sleek”, you think your hair will be slicked into straightness. Not this time! Slick your hair up, but allow your natural wave pattern to come through!

Tip: Laid edges or intricate baby hair can easily elevate this look. A toothbrush and some gel or edge control to the edges can work wonders–especially for those of us with larger forwards who try to stay away from buns.

Straight Half Up Half Down w/ Top Knot

back to school

The half up and half down hairstyle can be achieved with anything from 4C natural hair texture to a loose wave weave, but this style here uses straight hair which is exciting for girls whose hair has never seen a flat iron before! It’s very simple, straight hair down in the back with a cute top knot up in the front.

Tip: The girl in the picture above may very well be using weave for this look, but it’s not necessary. Visit a shop or salon where they can flat iron and trim hair in a healthy way. If more length and volume is needed, try one or two clip ins instead of crochet or a partial sew in.

Jumbo Braids w/ Curly Buns

Back to School hairstyle

Braids are a go-to for pretty much every age group because they are among the most versatile and convenient looks when it comes to hairstyling. Here you see 4 jumbo cornrows adorned with braid cuffs, and instead of being braided all the way down, are secured into cute, curly buns. This style is the best to do for young ladies who are in sports or are pressed for time because it can be wrapped at night and worn for days at a time.

Tip: To add more of your personal style to it, zigzag the parts, add different braid jewelry, and/or curl your hair with flexi rods before putting it into buns or leaving it down!

High school

High school is the first step to entering into adulthood so we get it if you want to experiment a little more with color or protective styles. Here are a few suggestions:

Natural Face Framing Curls With Highlights

back to school

If you want to play with color then highlights might be a great choice for your natural hair. This decision does not mean copying what you see on Instagram in your bathroom, but rather a discussion with mom and dad first and a visit to the salon. A great cut to frame the face and then professionally done highlights are always recommended.

Straight Weave with Side Part

Back to school

Let’s face it, girls love a good weave and honestly, there is nothing wrong with trying one at this stage in your lie. Try not to go Nicki Minaj long but something with some length that you can play with is just fine.

Again, see a stylist and get your hair professionally done!

Flat Twist Buns

Mega Puff On Short Natural Hair

Have a great school year kids! Fin!

For toddler hair care tips click here and if you want to read our ebook Hair Care For Kids With Kinky Curly Hair, click here.


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