A.J. Johnson’s Go Fund Me Surpasses $48K After Wife Calls Out Fans For “Fake Love”


Yesterday we shared that the wife of Friday star Anthony “A.J.” Johnson, Lexis Jones Mason spoke out saying she was struggling to cover funeral costs following his untimely death, and that The Go Fund Me she started was only at $800.

Since speaking with TMZ and sharing her struggles the GoFundMe has doubled its original goal of 20K, and is quickly headed towards $50K.

Comedian Michael Blackson matched donors by giving $10K which helped to boost the fun quite a bit.

Lexis originally said that she was very stressed for herself and her family over the fake calls and texts.

She shared with TMZ:

“There’s people that’s saying that they’re gonna give money…we haven’t received it. Just to bury him and the funeral services alone will be close to 15 (thousand dollars)”“Just please stop the fake love please stop the fake calls please stop the fake texts,” she continued. “Just for our family…Me the kids and the grandkids, just stop it.”

“I’m gonna stay busy and I’m going to work… I’m not gonna worry about this, I apologize. If I had the strength I would go right now. It took everything in me to come on here and do this… we gon be okay,”

We hope Lexis can now do what she dreamed of doing for her late husband and their family.


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