A Longtime Nike Exec Resigned Due To Her Son Using Her Credit Card To Fund Sneaker-Resale Business


The sneaker game is no joke, and if you are a sneakerhead, then you are probably aware of where to go to get the latest drops online. The resale game is alive and well but it has been reported that Nike’s VP and general manager for Nike has resigned because her own son’s resale business.

Read below via Business Insider:

Nike’s vice president and general manager for its North America division, Ann Hebert, resigned Monday after reports that she was tied to her son’s resale business, the company announced Monday.

Herbert was a 25-year veteran with the company.

Last week, Bloomberg Businessweek reported on her 19-year-old son, Joe, who runs the resale business West Coast Streetwear. It was reported that Joe had used Herbert’s credit card to buy over $100,000 worth of limited-edition shoes to resell.

Bloomberg reported that Joe said his mother was “so high up at Nike as to be removed from what he does.” He added that she had never given him any insider information, such as discount codes.

Joe asked Bloomberg not to mention his mother in the article, however and stopped responding after that exchange.

Nike said it planned to announce a new head of its North America division shortly.

Hebert and Nike did not immediately respond to requests for comment from Insider.

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