A Mothers Love! – Watch Teyana Taylor Serenade Her Baby Girl During Her ATL Show

Teyana Taylor

Teyana Taylor singing to her baby girl while performing is the best thing you will see this week! I have had Teyana’s album on repeat for a few weeks now so I watch all her highlights because of how much I have enjoyed her work.

Tonight she was performing in ATL and her whole family and many of her friends were in attendance, but this moment with her baby girl Junie was everything!


LYRICS: You gave me new life
When I gave you life
I had you on the bathroom floor
For the first time I found true love
One make mistake and it could’ve went wrong
I had Iman by my side
Making sure I was breathing right
Cut the umbilical cord
With the beats right
Crazy crazy crazy story story
Things can change before we know it
Know it know it
I’ll never be the same
Person I was before you came
You made me a better woman
I had to be better for you

She said she cried singing the song and she cried posting the video on Instagram! Read below:

“I cried singing this to you & im crying reposting this beautiful moment captured by ya god mommy @monicabrown & god Papi @__shannon__brown__ holdin it down!!??I love you so much baby @babyjunie4 you are my world & beyond ? #KTSE”

So beautiful!


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