A Recruiter Is Receiving Backlash After Posting That She Deliberately Paid A Candidate A Low Offer Because That’s What She Asked For Even With A High Budget


Do you negotiate your salary when you are trying to get a new job?

A recruiter (Mercedes Johnson) got herself in some hot water that was unexpected when she shared that she paid a woman exactly what she asked for even though the company she works for had the budget for more.

In her post she said:
I just offered a candidate $85,000 for a job that had a budget of $130,000.

I offered her that because that’s what she asked for and I personally don’t have the bandwidth to give lessons on salary negotiation.

Here’s the lesson: ALWAYS ASK FOR THE SALARY YOU WANT (DESERVE), no matter how large you think that might be. You never know how much money a company has to work with.

The post took a turn for the worse pretty quickly!

One Twitter user compared her sentiments to that of another recruiter who chose to pay a higher salary to someone who asked for low compensation.

See below:

One of the issues many found with her tweet was her choice to deliberately contribute to the wage gap when she has the power to change things.

Facebook user Marquese Lewis shared her opinion saying in a world full of Mercedes be a Briana, see below:

She went further to pull Mercedes’ alleged employer into the conversation.



We do not think Honeywell will have time to breathe with the barrage of tweets they are receiving on the issue.

Twitter was not here for any of it, some users making the point that this isn’t about feelings but still not able to get past the fact that someone would have the opportunity to do the right thing but choose not to.








Mercedes tried to defend herself giving more context to her post.

She said, what the post didn’t tell was that she did ask the candidate if that was the salary she actually wanted and that she does her best with the 8 hours of the day she is given.

Read below:

As you can imagine that did not go very well:




and then there is this:


What is your opinion? Comment below!

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  1. This Mercedes girl is giving a bad name to the rest of us recruiters and I hope she changes careers. She should not be in this line of work as she is obviously demonstrating no conscience. How could she be so proud of herself when she knowingly robbed someone of the “opportunity” to earn so much more…. So unfair and disgusting, really I love the tweet from BREAKFAST AT MICA’S (@hood_ellewoods). Thank you for sharing all this detail.


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