The Accessories In The Nude Fashion Showcase Event 2017


“If you aren’t wearing the right Accessories, then you might as well be Nude” – That was the motto for the fashion showcase we had the pleasure of attending this weekend.

This event was the sixth annual Accessories In The Nude Event and it was held at the African American Museum here in Dallas.

The show was hosted by established author and actress LeeAnne Locken and leading fashion expert Leah Frazier who ensured that fashion competition took place without a hitch and that the vibes were just right to keep the atmosphere super chill and artsy, showcasing some artsy jewelry pieces too, if you’re in the market to try and find a statement piece, have a look at stores such as Berry’s Jewellers and the likes.

Accessories in the nude is a competition where accessory designers showcase their jewelry in front of fashion forward judges along with the exciting opportunity to create or increase visibility for their product.

The winner of the Accessory Designer Competition is announced at the Fashion Showcase and upcoming designers from fashion veterans, celebrities, and other rising stars are also featured.

Last night’s event was nothing short of ‘lit’ the designers stood beside their models allowing guests and media representatives to ask any question they would like about the pieces as well as take pictures.

The 2017 design competitors in attendance were as follows:

1. Michael Williams – BowTie Mike Michael Williams Owner/Designer of Bow Tie Mike

Often we see the same ideas & shapes over and over when it comes to the design of bow ties. Since 2009, Bow Tie Mike is known for changing the element & designs of neck wear. The best thing about Bow Tie Mike is that each bow tie is 100% high quality, using
the finest shapes, textiles, and colors. Each bow tie is limited & exclusive to its design.

2. LaMarcus Holloway – NeQ Bow Ties

LaMarcus Holloway, he is a fashion designer and entrepreneur, originally from Lafayette, But now resides in Dallas Texas. Having no initial skills in sewing and designing other than observing his grandma work on projects here and there.

LaMarcus took a dream, and a little experience and enrolled in Wade College. While at Wade College LaMarcus has had his work showcased in several fashionshows.

He has also had pieces of his bow tie collection showcased in the local
Dallas Blog “Pop Goes The City” by Leslie Chatman. The blog was a conversation with LaMarcus discussing his journey and future career in fashion. LaMarcus creates one of a kind custom bow ties using everything from sequins to crystal embellishments.

He believes that the bow tie is the staple to the entire outfit. NeQ bow ties stands on the quote, ” It is not what your neck can do for you, but what you can do for your neck”.

3. Thais Mills – Thais Flowers

Thais’s accessories were one of my personal faves because I happen to love the idea of flowers as jewellery and hair clips and additionally, her story is a pretty interesting one.

Her world was unexpectedly erased by a devastating storm. What else could fiery Literacy Advocate / Poet / American Painter / Voice Actor / Creative Writer/ Thais` Alice Marie Mills do but pick up her pencil to INK the next chapter.

With Hurricane Katrina demolishing her family home of 23 years, cozy art studio / office in New Orleans, Thais` (pronounced Ty-eece) resourcefully brought all of her time and talent to her online experience—

Thais’s first dot-com venture, Enticing Objects emerged in 2000 spotlighting her hand painted crafts which today have expanded to include Office Art, Couture Magnets, Photo Clips and Canvas Collections with charity beneficiaries attached. While in high school Thai` taught Arts n Crafts at a Summer Camp to 5-6 yr olds and through Word of Mouth orders started coming in for her Original painted creations.

Now everyone from Fashion Icon, Kimora Lee Simmons, Grammy Nominated R&B star Kelly Price to countless stars and loyal art buyers have Thais’s art in their home. It all still overwhelms Ms. Mills that thousands of her pieces have been sold from a single website that now ranks #1 on Google.

In October 2013 the first “Thais Flowers” came into bloom. Founder, Thais Mills a self taught abstract painter hailing from New Orleans Simply wanted something unique to and colorful to wear in her hair.” I wanted to find ways to bring my canvas pieces with me tucked away in my hair.” She said. It quickly evolved into a labor of love.

(Two other contestants not in attendance were Terri Datcher- OMG Accessories & Apparel and Andrea Reich – Diadem Jewelry)

More pics:

We had a great time and wish all the competitors the best of luck!



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