Add Chlorophyll Water To Your Diet And Watch Your Hair Grow


Remember in biology class when you started learning about plants and plant function? I bet you remember that whole thing that the teacher said about Chlorophyll and how it is responsible for the green pigment in leafy plants and how important it is in the photosynthesis process?

If you didn’t, that’s ok! I didn’t either but after looking at a few supplements the other day particularly chlorophyll water I read up a bit on Chlorophyll and all the details from that class came flooding back.

I also read about the instances that people would use chlorophyll and the subject of hair growth came up which is why I am writing this today.

Typically you will get a healthy dose of chlorophyll when you eat plant food that has a rich green color “Foods with the richest sources of chlorophyll are spinach, parsley, watercress, and chlorella algae,” says Brawner. “It’s best absorbed in the body when eaten with some fat, and is most abundant in fresh, raw veggies.”

The thing is you need to consume a ton of green vegetables to get a good amount of chlorophyll in and if you cook your vegetables, forget it! Cooking reduces the amount of chlorophyll in your plant meal by at least 50%.

Alternatively, people are supplementing their diet with the liquid version that you can purchase but before you pull out your credit card, let me tell you what I found out about chlorophyll and hair.

What it can do for your hair

According to Follicleanse, “Chlorophyll is rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, and micronutrients. There are specific nutrients the follicle uses to synthesize proteins into keratin and produce healthy hair and nails.”

The nutrients found in chlorophyll include vitamin B, D, E, calcium, and potassium, which as we all know are key for healthy hair and nail growth.

In addition to helping you meet your growth goals, chlorophyll is known to slow down the progression of gray hair because it produces the melanin for the pigment cells in your hair strand.

How to add chlorophyll to your diet

As I mentioned, for us to get a good dose of chlorophyll in our diet we would have to eat a ton of fresh, raw green leafy vegetables which many of us try to do. But for those days where you fall short you can also make a liquid chlorophyll drink at home by purchasing a liquid chlorophyll supplement and adding it to water with a splash of lemon. The drink isn’t tasty by any means but very refreshing once you get used to it especially if you have it straight out of the refrigerator. Click here for details.

Before taking any supplement I would advise that you see your doctor and make sure that you can add the supplement and that it will not interfere with any treatment you are currently undergoing.

You can also find liquid chlorophyll at the health food store or drug store but I purchased mine from Amazon! Bottoms up!



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