These African Inspired Pieces Went Viral Last Week And Here Are The Details


Last week I shared one of the below pictures on Facebook without even know who the designer was because I loved the dresses so much.

If I would have paid attention to the details at the time I would have been ready with all the information for those of you who were interested.

Here are the details:
photo @islandboiphotography
designer @imacallyouback
crochet tops @tiaracrochets
MUA @nene_mua @raindropzdamua
Models @_princessjasmen @giftyb_ @miss._so @thezioniafrancis @modelsque_nic

According to the designer, all the designs are custom made and are available in NY only, no shipping. Sad, but if you have a friend or two in NYC you might be able to work something out.

Check out the view:


@modelesque_nic.JPG 4

@modelsque_nic 8

@modelsque_nic 8.JPG 10


#imacallyouback 8



Cute right?


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