Aisha Cole Teams Up With Varo Bank To Give Black Entrepreneurs LLCs

Aisha Cole
Photo credit: MSNBC

Aisha Cole knows how to run a business.

So, it should be no surprise that she is using her knowledge, resources, and experience to mentor entrepreneurs to find their own success. 

The Slutty Vegan CEO recently met Clark Atlanta University’s 2022 graduating class and awarded all of them with LLCs (Limited Liability Companies). 

In just a few weeks, recipients of her LLCs have already started running their businesses. 

Aisha Cole didn’t have a plan when she graduated. 

So, that’s why she has enabled these graduates to have a plan they can carry out. 

Whether or not they succeed is up to them. 

But that’s not everything Aisha Cole has done. 

Giving Away Even More LLCs

Aisha Cole
Photo credit: Instagram – pinky907

The resourceful entrepreneur is on a five-city tour courtesy of Varo Bank and her foundation. 

She gives away 200 LLCs to Black entrepreneurs in each city she visits. 

Aisha Cole doesn’t choose who specifically deserves the LLCs.

Instead, she chooses them through a random draw. 

She launched the tour on June 11, which will run until December.

But what motivated her to do this?

During the pandemic, Aisha Cole realized that many people seek freedom and become their bosses. 

So, she teamed up with Varo and embarked on the tour. 

A Tour Worth Attending

Aisha Cole
Photo credit: Instagram – pinky907

What’s the best thing to happen when you attend a tour (if you’re lucky)?

Owning an LLC probably isn’t among them. 

But that’s what Aisha Cole offers, along with free gas cards and samples of Slutty Vegan’s award-winning menu. 

Bank representatives also offer accessible information to help you improve your credit. 

This is information that has been lacking, especially for the Black community. 

By offering such knowledge, Aisha Cole is reducing their ignorance level and helping them make financially sound choices in the future. 

Aisha Cole is Removing Black Entrepreneurs’ Roadblocks

Aisha Cole
Photo credit: pinky907

Another way the tour is helping entrepreneurs is by offering Varo’s Believe secured credit building card. 

This card improves access to credit and gives opportunities to anyone with bad credit, thin credit, or no credit.

These resources are helping Cole to realize her vision of a financially independent Black community. 

Our Modern-Day Superwoman

Aisha Cole
Photo credit: Instagram – pinky907

Aisha Cole is becoming the change she wants to see, sharing her knowledge and resources in a way few others have. 

She wants us to become the best versions of ourselves and makes it seem achievable instead of improbable. 

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