Alicia James Cut Her Hair And It Is Absolute Fire


Alicia James was on the @Cutlife today and when I tell you my jaw hit the floor, my jaw hit the damn floor! I have followed this natural hair YouTuber and songstress for years so I pretty much been very involved with most of her hair journey.

Alicia went from this:

Alicia j

To this:

Alicia James

She got a cut for the gawds and it was done by @tmilton32 who did an amazing job! So the question is, would you cut your hair after years of growing it out?

My answer! — Hec yes!!


  1. OMG!!!!! Wow! Alicia James was and is one of my fav natural hair vloggers. I learned so much from her. And wow! I absolutely love her new haircut. I would agree! I would surely cut my hair for something fresh and new!


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