Its Almost Wedding Season – 6 Simple Natural Hair Styles For Your Wedding Day


It’s almost wedding season! Can you believe it? It’s like this year is just flying by and I wish we could just freeze time on the good moments, like birthdays or wedding days. Don’t you just wish you could stay eternally in that amazing wedding dress you have been looking forward to wearing for so long? If you haven’t found the perfect dress just yet, you can find out more about wedding dresses here.

Last year around this time I was in Orlando attending a very special wedding and the year before that it was Atlanta for one equally as special. I am really loving the no-fuss look of brides these days and since we are here to talk about the hair, how awesome is it that natural brides are rocking full on fro’s on their special day?

I think it is only right that I had a wedding look book on the blog to commemorate this time of year so here are some of my favourite looks from the gram:


I absolutely loved this look, it was effortless her makeup is flawless and with flower accents in her hair, she could not be more perfect.

@natashaleeds wedding

Natasha recently got married and when I saw her pictures my jaw was on the floor. She is,of course, a very beautiful girl and I loved that she did her signature wash and go for her wedding. The look was authentically hers and it was gorgeous.

Frederique Harrel
Frederique Harrel

Freddie has been married for awhile but when I saw her pictures I just knew I had to share them. Her hair is always in a full on dense luscious fro and that is exactly how she wore her hair on her wedding day. How gorgeous is her entire look though?


Another example of a unique look that just involves one flower and an outstanding smile. This picture was everything in my opinion and had to make it into my look-book for sure.

natural brides.JPG 7.JPG 8879

If I were to do a simple veil this would be it! How amazing does she look with such simple beautiful details, it’s perfection.

natural brides.JPG 88

This example has a bit more style to the hair but it still embraces the effortless trend in the natural hair bride arena. I am totally in love with the hair accessory set perfectly in a bed of semi frizzy curls.

Marie Antoinette did a recent video with three more gorgeous styles on blown out hair, check it out:

Which was your favourite look?


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