Angela Kardashian Might Be Pregnant – Kim And Rob Go With Her To The OB-GYN

Blac Chyna

In an exclusive report published by the website x17online, the newest soon to be Mrs. K might be with child. Rumors started swirling even more after Angela, Kim and Rob were seen at Kim’s ObGYNs office today.

Blac Chyna

According to x17online

Rumors have swirled for months that she’s gunning to give birth to a Kardashian baby, and it seems she got her wish. We think we see a small baby bump, and they’re going to the same doc that Kimmy K went to when she was preggo with Nori and Saint. We have a feeling the wedding is on hold for at least the next nine months!

The drama between ChyRo and the K clan has softened in recent weeks, after Kanye’s wife brokered a peace summit between Kylie and Tyga’s baby mama, but we’d guess that nobody is that thrilled about Chyna becoming a permanent part of the family.

Check out the video

Angela did not come to play! Read the exclusive story here


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