Another Day Another Zendaya Slay – Watch Zendaya Lip Sync Tyrone By Erykah Badu


Zendaya is hands down one of my very favorite millennials to watch and I literally waited for her performance to be aired in full on Sunday’s episode of Lip Sync Battle before posting anything on it.

I had only heard that she was going to Lip sync Bruno Mars 24k magic and had not anticipated her dope rendition of the classic Erykah Badu song “Tyrone”.

“Well this first song, I mean, it’s a classic,” she told LL Cool J. “If I do this, I gotta do it right.”

She put on her headwrap and got right into character and according to The Huffington Post Zendaya summoned Fat Belly Bella’s spirit as she told playboy (unnamed man in Badu’s song) that he needs to call Tyrone (but, of course, he can’t use her phone.)

Watch below:

Erykah Badu was very pleased with her performance:

If you want to watch the entire show, check it out below:

Totally dope!



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