Apparently Gucci Is Rolling Out It’s First All-Black Ad Campaign And The Blogs Are Buzzing


I find it so funny (not funny ‘haha’) that this is actually a thing. These days when a company does an all-black campaign it is bound to make news and in this case Gucci is no different. The company has been using Instagram to send out clips from its model castings in London and so far all nine of the models are people of color.

The clips have been creating quite a buzz in the blogosphere check out the latest from Elle:

There they are: nine young, bright-eyed, beautiful, brown youth dancing to vintage R&B music and opining on the meaning of soul. What does it all mean? While the models are all relatively unknown, we’re left wanting to know much more.

We’ve already established dance is having a moment in fashion — and that for too long, diversity wasn’t. And while Gucci’s runways look refreshingly inclusive under creative director Alessandro Michele, the fashion industry as a whole hasn’t necessarily been as consistent.

So a campaign centred around black beauty from a brand as powerful as Gucci during a time as racially charged as the age of Trump and populism would make a statement (remember the wave of euphoria, scorn, debate and controversy that surrounded Franca Sozzani’s famous Black issue of Vogue Italy?) We’re all eyes and ears, Gucci! Here’s what we know so far.

Here are the ladies that have been chosen to be a part of the campaign:

Model 1

Model 2

Model 3

Model 4

Can’t wait to see the finished product!


  1. That’s great, but I wonder what would happen to Gucci if they did an ad campaign that celebrated White culture and White women? Like Joan of Arc or Boudicca? They’d probably be called ‘evil racist devils’, picketed and forced into bankruptcy.


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