“Are You In Love? Of course I Am” – Rihanna Is On The June Cover Of Interview Magazine


Can we talk about this Rihanna Interview for just a second? First let me give you a little background, last month or maybe the month before that Rihanna flew to Barbados to see Buju Banton in concert (A concert I regret missing, because it was once in a lifetime, but I digress). During her visit to her native land she did an interview for Interview Magazine with her Oceans’ 8 costar Sarah Paulson. The interview was kinda awesome, I can tell as Rihanna starts to own every lane in business and entertainment she is now more inclined to open up a little bit more and share! I especially love how she responded to questions about her her love life.

Rihanna Interview

See below:

RIHANNA: I can’t believe I’m asking you a question in my interview, but did you write down questions? How did you even come up with these questions?

PAULSON: The magazine helped me with questions, but then I changed some of them.

RIHANNA: I commend you, girl. Good job. Do you got any f**ked-up questions? Give me something. Ask me anything.

PAULSON: Who are you dating?

RIHANNA: Google it.

PAULSON: Are you in love?

RIHANNA: Of course I am.

PAULSON: Are you going to get married?


PAULSON: She’s silent!

RIHANNA: Only god knows that, girl. We plan and god laughs, right?

PAULSON: Do you want to be a mother?

RIHANNA: More than anything in life.

This girl said “Google it” LOL!

Another interesting area she spoke about was her album and the fact that before she ventured into, fashion and beauty she had dedicated times of the year she could focus on an album, now she has to juggle everything.

See below:
PAULSON: When do you sleep, girl?

RIHANNA: I don’t have a sleep pattern. I have sleep pockets. I fit it in when I can. That’s why I take those personal days so seriously. Because it’s like, “You had all of me. I gave you the answers.”

PAULSON: I’m like that, too.

RIHANNA: It’s the reason why an album isn’t being spat out like it used to. I used to be in the studio, only the studio, for three months straight, and an album would come out. Now, it’s like a carousel. I do fashion one day, lingerie the next, beauty the next, then music the next. It’s like having a bunch of kids and you need to take care of them all.

PAULSON: Okay, but as a hungry kid, I need a new Rihanna album. How much longer do we have to wait?

RIHANNA: It really does suck that it can’t just come out, because I’m working on a really fun one right now. I’m really happy with a lot of the material we have so far, but I am not going to put it out until it’s complete. It makes no sense to rush it, but I want it out. I’ve gotten to the point where I’m like, “Even if I don’t have the time to shoot videos, I’m going to put an album out.”

PAULSON: But how much longer do we have to wait?

RIHANNA: I wish I knew. I have blocked off a solid period of time for the studio next month.

I encourage you to read the entire interview here, like I said, its pretty good!


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