Ari Lennox Checks A Twitter User Who Compared Chloe Bailey’s Song To Her Song “Pressure” – Blaming Colorism For The Disparity In Numbers


On Friday Chloe Bailey lit up the internet with her new song “Have Mercy” and on the same day Ari Lennox dropped her single “Pressure”.

From a numbers perspective, Chloe’s record had more views in comparison to Ari Lennox, for many reasons including the fact that both songs are dramatically different, and both women are different.

One Twitter user decided to take the opportunity to compare both women, letting her followers know that Chloe had light skinned privilege, and that’s the reason her record did better.

This is what she wrote:

Chloe’s new video has over 5 million views while Ari Lennox who has the better song and more tasteful video hasn’t even hit 1 million views yet. Chloe’s light skinned privilege is showing. Thank God she bussed it down, now she has the attention she’s been craving.

This is the tweet:

Ari did not let the comment slide, she quickly shut it down saying:

Please delete that hateful think piece. Its negative and counterproductive and creating unnecessary backlash for both black women. Chloe and her music video legendary and on REPEAT over here. Pressure is doing just fine.

Ari’s tweet has since been deleted:

When the Twitter user doubled down she tweeted:

and Ledisi came to her defense:

and many users agreed with her stance as well:



And this one:

and here:

Between, Normani, Chloe, Ari, Doja, we have so much content to be proud of, we do not have time for the separation and craziness. We are streaming it all!


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