Ari Lennox’s Easy Breezy Puff Style Is All Of Us

Ari Lennox natural hair

POV. – It’s early, you have errands to run and you didn’t twist your hair the night before, what’s a girl to do?

Naturally, this would mean some sort of manipulation the next morning in order to at least appear somewhat decent. Spray, hair bands, product 1, product 2, edge control on top of edge control. (A whole mess)

The truth is if you let Instagram tell the story a cute puff with unmanipulated edges ain’t where it’s at!

But girl let me tell you!

An easy-breezy puff, allowing your hair to breathe and you enjoying the naturalness of your skin and entire being is the definition of decent.

This is why we love this picture Ari Lennox posted recently where she appeared to be in her car, in full puff glory, with no makeup with a hoodie and a coat on!

She didn’t have a caption but the BMO songstress was praised for how gorgeous she looked without tamed edges or makeup on.

This was her post:
Ari Lennox Instagram

Her followers posted accolades like:

Drinking waterrrr ima get like u w this skin I swear. Love sis. Miss everybody

U look great. thank u for spreading this self love

its G’s hair fa me 😫❤️

Yes naturalize not laying your edges down 🔥🤎

I just love how real you are. I feel like we’re friends. 😂😍

Yes ma’am! We love to see a natural glow 💖

Courtney with the grays 🤣

There were so many comments just like the ones we have shared because people can relate to a solid puff and a natural face. Ari is all of us on a normal day and she really ain’t new to this either.

With a simple google search, you will notice that she wears her hair like that all the time. She is true to this!

There is this picture:
Ari Lennox Puff

and this one:
Ari Lennox with her natural hair

And this one here:

During the Summer fans speculated if Ari would be dropping a new haircare line because of how much her hair has grown.

In a post on Essence, Ari spoke briefly about her hair growth.

“My hair is growing…and I been using my special product,” she wrote.

One commenter said, “That would [be] lit if you came out with your own hair care line.” And someone even joked that her hair is growing and her skin is glowing from having sex. Lennox shut down that notion immediately with a resounding, “I wish!”

Either way, we thought we would show Ari Lennox some love on her photo because it is refreshing to see a celebrity just showing up in a space designed for false representations of reality, the way we all show up “in reality”.

Should we normalize not styling our edges? Comment below?


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