This Artist Creates Amazing Digital Art Using Her Iphone


Sometimes social media can be a magical place, so magical that you discover the most amazing people and their crafts that can sometimes literally blow you away.

I discovered this artist through a natural hair group that I follow, her Instagram name is @thick_east_african_Girl and she creates digital art using her I-phone. This is what she said on Instagram when she was asked about her work:

The process … So some of you asked me what I used and everything was done using my iPhone and this app called picart that you can download from the App Store…it allows you to zoom in and draw on the picture as well as pick any colors to shade… I used my fingers to do all the drawing, shading and coloring and it’s basically like drawing on paper except you can use your color wheel to create the colors you want and zoom in to add detail. It took me a good 8 hours.

Check out the view:
thick 1

Now watch this:

A video posted by G? (@thick_east_african_girl) on

Blue Print to the above picture
Jene Aiko And Big Sean

Press play

thick 9

Then there is this one of @belle_duvie

I do not know about you, but I am thoroughly impressed, she is a true artist and never think this just about digital work. Her canvas work is equally if not more amazing!

Do me a favor if you are reading this, go show this young lady some love, she is hella dope. Click here!



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