The Benefits Of Massaging Your Scalp And How It Can Help With Hair Growth


When we talk about hair growth one of the points we tend to stress is getting a scalp massage. Not only are scalp massages relaxing but they can stimulate hair growth because you can quickly encourage blood flow to the scalp.

Your blood is chalk full of nutrients that you provide from your food and vitamins as well as oxygen which can be used to speed up the growth phases.

In this post, I wanted to give you a list of benefits that you should consider as you start the habit of scalp massages.

1. The oil you use will lubricate and condition the scalp preventing dry scalp and preventing scalp ailments.

2. If enhances blood circulation to the head and neck areas which relieves stress and helps with relaxation.

3. It strengthens the roots of the hair and nourishes the hair shaft which is where hair growth begins.

4. If you massage just before your hot oil treatment you can spread your oil in your hair leading to hair vibrancy and resiliency over time. (spread out your hot oil treatments especially if you find that your hair is way to greasy after consecutive sessions)

5. Relaxing for the mind and nervous system

6. It helps to promote sound sleep at night

Choosing a Massage Oil

You can make your own massage oil using hair friendly herbs and healthy all natural oils. (Refer to this post for a list)

Or you can purchase an oil that your can use for your messages. I personally recommend the Alikay Naturals Essential 17 Growth Hair Oil

If you prefer to go with another brand read the label very carefully making sure that the oils are all natural and that there are no ingredients added that you cannot verify.

How to massage your scalp

Apply the oil(s) directly to your scalp and using the balls of your finger tips gently move in circular motions on the scalp. Be careful not to tangle the hair, just focus on your scalp. Watch Natasha massage her scalp using the Alikay Naturals Growth oil:

You can massage your scalp once or twice a week for maximum results!


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