Benny Harlem Shared The Secret to His Long Natural Hair In A Recent Interview

benny Harlem

Recently I shared a picture of this father and daughter duo with the most amazing natural hair ever on Facebook. At the time, I did not know a lot about this infamous dad, and many of my followers had questions, especially about his amazing hair.

Benny Harlem has been sharing pictures of himself and his little girl on Instagram for awhile now, and as a result, he  has been recognised on a ton of publications including BHI, The Huffington Post and recently he did a pretty telling  interview with Beyond Classically Beautiful.

In that interview, he was asked about his regimen as well as his hair journey and this is what he shared:

My hair journey began at a very young age, simultaneous with the growth in my life. I am an Artist and I will continue to flow in creativity when it comes to my personal style. The sky is truly the limit!

Health is my lifestyle. I believe that being healthy mind, body and spirit allows my hair to reach beyond its peak. I maintain a very clean diet and I drink a ton of water both very important factors in the longevity of healthy hair… A daily routine is necessary to maintain anything great.

I use plenty of natural products witch over time have nourished my hair the best. Since I am in the habit of dressing and cleaning my hair, my daily routine is very simple of hydrating and styling.”

I am sure people are going to want a little bit more information than that, but honestly, the foundation of long hair is exactly what Benny shared. Maybe he will share more specifics on another occasion, for now, we will continue to enjoy his pictures.



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