Beyonce Gave So Much In Her Visual Album ‘Lemonade’ It Should Be Watched With Care [Full Movie]

Beyonce Lemonade

Beyonce dropped her second visual album last night and I have been reading all of the interpretations across social media and all the random news about Jay-Z and his apparent infidelity.

After reading everything and taking the movie all in I have come to realize that Lemonade is open to our own interpretation because the truth is we all can relate to this in some way as individuals as black women, as a burdened generation.

We have all been handed lemons in life, whether its a no good negro, a Becky brought into our lives by a no-good negro or a father that failed his wife and by extension failed his daughter.

As black women, our experience isn’t easy and Beyonce wanted to ensure that we knew she is right there with the stress of what it is that we carry. We all have demons to deal with, we all have the history that we have to stand tall on regardless of how much hurt we are handed.

This entire album gave me, even more, understanding about Formation because for me it means that after everything that we have gone through you have to remain focussed on what it is that is important to you. It doesn’t mean that you stop loving the people that hurt you but you love then learn and love differently, love smarter.

Then after all of that, at the end of the day, you get the sweetest reward, a reward that tastes a little like sweet lemonade.

Watch the full movie here:

There is so much to take away so much to interpret, take your time with this one!



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