Beyonce Performed At The CMA’s Without A Hitch Despite Country Music Fans Throwing A Fit


Beyoncé performed at the Country Music Awards tonight and she looked stunning doing it. The only problem is earlier today when news broke of her performance, Country Music fans through a fit!

Check out the view:

Why is Beyoncé performing at the CMAS let me have my country music in peace

— pshh rachel (@OMJItsRachel) November 2, 2016

@GMA @Beyonce @CountryMusic WHY???? Just why?????? She’s not even remotely close to country

— Demarise Sargent (@DeSargent) November 2, 2016

Disgusted to see the @CountryMusic’s have added the police hating @Beyonce as a performer tonight! Country music has more respect than that

— Colleen Anne (@ColleenAnne11) November 2, 2016

@CountryMusic @Clint_Black @willienelson Beyonce???Really?? not watching now.

— Kathy (@kathy5271) November 2, 2016

Whomever decided that Beyonce should be on the @CountryMusic Awards should be fired!

— Meri Ross (@MusicFan7KU) November 2, 2016

@CountryMusic why @Beyonce ? That POS? Really? you please announce the time she will be performing? So I can turn the TV off? #CMAawards50

— OutInTheCountry (@NCmasonjar) November 2, 2016

@CountryMusic Beyoncé can keep her lemonade and stay far away from country music’s biggest night. Honor and respect the legends.

— Adriana Byington (@adriananikkole) November 2, 2016

@CountryMusic will not be watching tonight, hope you enjoy your @dixiechicks and @Beyonce show. #boycotCMA #BoycotDixieChicks #BotcotBeyonce

— RCS Entertainment (@RCS_EntrTainMnt) November 2, 2016

@CountryMusic Beyoncé really? So far from what country music stands for. R u at least going to make sure she’s appropriately dressed???

— Earika (@blondeinca) November 2, 2016

@BiasedGirl @GMA @Beyonce @CountryMusic there goes the class of the #CMA’s

— JC (@conservogirl) November 2, 2016

#staymad! In other news she slayed as usual



And press play:

No boxes for Beyonce!


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