Did You Know Beyoncé is Worth $500 Million? Here’s How She Reached This Milestone

Photo credit: The New York Times

Beyoncé is a musical legend with countless hit songs and a global following.

She recently released her latest album, the upbeat Renaissance.

And it’s already a critical and commercial hit:

  • It has more than 43 million Spotify streams
  • It’s the year’s biggest album from a woman
  • It’s 2022’s second-biggest album
  • It’s sold over 330,000 album-equivalent units

It seems that every song she releases becomes a global hit.

But does this Midas touch apply to everything else the talented singer does?

This seems to be the case since she is worth over $500 million, a sum that should see a comfortable rise after the success of Renaissance.

So, how has Queen Bey reached this milestone?

Netflix Deal

Photo credit: Instagram – Beyonce

Netflix often teams up with high-profile stars to produce reality shows, and they did the same with Beyoncé.

In 2018, they offered the singer a $60 million deal to make three pieces of content.

The first project they worked on was HOMECOMING: A Film.

This was an intimate documentary about the singer’s stellar 2018 Coachella performance.

She still has two projects to deliver with Netflix, and with the release of her new album, the second project will come out sooner rather than later.

Endorsement Deals

Photo credit: Instagram – Beyonce

Every famous person worth their salt has signed endorsement deals.

Influential brands are always hungry for new customers, and getting endorsements from stars is among the most foolproof ways to do this.

So, it’s no surprise that Beyoncé has her fair share of endorsements.

In fact, her first endorsement deal came in 2002 with Pepsi.

And since then, the singer has never been short of suitors.

Some of the brands she has worked with include:

  • Samsung
  • DirectTV
  • Ford
  • American Express
  • L’Oreal
  • Coty

Real Estate

Photo credit: Instagram – Beyonce

This is often one of the most financially sound investments, and the singer knows this.

Beyoncé has an impressive portfolio of properties she has bought (and sold at a profit) that include:

  • A $2.6 million home she bought in New Orleans
  • A private island in the Bahamas worth $4 million (co-owned with hubby Jay-Z)
  • Pond House, a mansion in the famous Hamptons
  • A New York City condo she bought for $5 million in 2005 and sold for $9.95 in 2010

When you combine her total real estate with Jay-Z’s, the pair has more than $150 million worth of property.

That’s an impressive sum.


Photo credit: Instagram – Beyonce

Naturally, Beyoncé has also made investments in various businesses.

She started with Sidestep, which sells merchandise for the entertainment industry.

She also invested a significant chunk towards the $31 total Lemon Perfect received during its Series A investment.

The singer also invested in Destree with Rihanna.

$500 Million and Rising

Photo credit: Instagram – Beyonce

Even with her occasional splurges (like buying Jay Z a $40 million private jet), Beyoncé’s net worth has steadily increased each year.

She makes intelligent investments, which will not stop anytime soon.

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