Beyonce’s Proteges Chloe And Halle Have Debuted Their First Music Video

Chloe And Halle

Beyonce’s proteges Halle Bailey and Chloe Bailey have debuted their new music video and I love it. In an interview with Elle Magazine, the two girls explained how they came to be signed by Beyonce’s label Parkwood Entertainment:

In 2013, the YouTube phenom Bailey sisters—beloved for their haunting acoustic covers—posted a soaring a cappella version of Beyoncé’s “Pretty Hurts.” The video went viral and “the next thing we knew,” Halle says, “we got an e-mail from Parkwood asking if we were signed.”

Continues Chloe: “We freaked out! We wrote back and told them to call our dad.” Nearly 650,000 followers and 11 million views of that cover later, the Atlanta-born, now L.A.-based Chloe and Halle (aged 17 and 16, respectively) are writing original tracks—on which their voices unite in sibling harmony as easily as they

“Beyoncé calls us her ‘angelic aliens,’ ” says Chloe, who, thanks to their home studio—which Beyoncé upgraded after they were signed—had a hand in producing tracks from Chloe x Halle’s upcoming debut album.

“Chloe turned into this beautiful flower with her producing,” Halle says. “It’s so bomb. I just stick to playing my guitar.”

The results of their combined efforts: songs like “Baby Bird” and “Fall,” both of which address the self-exploration, curiosity about the world, adolescent fear, and, ultimately,

“What’s so great about the world is that none of us stay the same,” says Chloe. “We all evolve,” continues Halle, “so in popular music, I want to hear something different. When it’s unexpected—that’s what makes my heart pitter-patter.”

Watch the girls in their new music Video, Song entitled “Drop”

I agree with Beyonce, they sound so Angelic and soothing, I will definitely purchase their album. Watch the video that caught the attention of Queen Bey.

I wish them all the success in the world!


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