Beyond Classically Beautiful – A Celebration of Black Female Bodies [Photo Series]


I literally just finished writing a post about Tia Mowry and her experience with body shaming this week and like a stroke of magic I came across this little gem that I just had to share.

Call it my effort in balancing negative news with the positive news especially in a culture that is uncomfortable with the black woman and her body.

This photo series seeks to celebrate the black woman’s body specifically, as we all fight the war on body shaming across races. The series is called Beyond Classically Beautiful and it features women from all walks of life and all different sizes.

“Body Noire” features black-and-white portraits and short interviews with a handful of women. They talk about what they love about themselves without shame or limits. Roseline Lawrence, one of the shoot’s participants said, “The most amazing thing about my body is everything. It’s me.”

The photos are stunning, see for yourself:
Beyond Classically Beautiful

body noire 3

body noire 4

body noire

body noire 7


Watch snippets of the women in the pictures here:

Click here for more about the series.


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