Black Beauty Supply Stores — How To Pivot During The Pandemic


For many small businesses, the current pandemic has put them in a space of financial strain and uncertainty. Black beauty supply stores, in particular, have met a special set of obstacles because while they are already scarce in comparison to other beauty-related businesses, they also are less likely to have any real presence outside of their local shop.

With most consumers turning to online for their goods, this poses a real threat to the longevity and foundation of black beauty supply stores.

However, all hope is not lost. Beauty supply stores are still very much in need at this time and there are unique opportunities available for them to stay afloat—here’s how.

Beef Up Online Presence

Black Beauty Supply Stores

Having a physical location is great in normal circumstances, but with social distancing and “stay at home” orders being implemented across multiple cities and states, there’s a good chance your business won’t see any physical customers for a while.

However, this doesn’t mean you must completely shut down or stop selling. In fact, this is actually a good time to build a stronger presence online.

With the majority of people now opting to get both essential and non-essential items delivered to their homes, now is the time to set up an online shop that’ll allow customers to have their orders quickly shipped and delivered. 

In order to start, you’ll need to build a website that is complete with a logo and company name, company bio, contact page, item photos, and prices, checkout integration, and a customer service page that answers questions about shipping times, refunds, and other important information. 

Don’t stress too much if you’re not tech-savvy because platforms such as Wix and Squarespace provide you with stylish and professional templates that come with easy-to-follow tutorials.

If you’re not interested in building a full-blown website of your own, sites like Shopify and Etsy provide you with a platform to simply sell your goods. 

A few more helpful things to know:

  • Make sure you factor shipping costs into your pricing. 
  • USPS offers free shipping materials. 
  • You need to protect yourself and your customers by including privacy policy and terms of use agreement on your website. Termly will generate them for you for free or low cost.

Use Social Media And Drive Traffic To Your Website

Black Beauty Supply Store

By now you know that social media is useful for much more than connecting with old friends and getting your daily fill of jokes and celebrity news.

It actually is an incredibly important tool when it comes to marketing your business—especially if you’re looking to increase traffic to your website. And with people currently spending more time at home and online, you may want to take the opportunity to drive the extra traffic to your website. A few ways to use social media to your benefit: 

  • Utilize influencers by getting them to promote specific products or your brand in general.
  • Share content (either from yourself or other platforms) that mention your company.  Engage with other social media users via company profiles. 
  • Share visual content such as five-minute hair tutorials or hair inspiration, and plug your products in the caption, tweet, or follow up post.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is using blog posts, videos, and other online content to create curiosity in your products and/or services. Whether you’re creating your own content or hiring an influencer, blog, or freelance creator, content marketing is always an effective method to drum up some interests in your business. With content marketing, you can:

  • Have a blog post written that details five of your best products.
  • Create a hair or beauty tutorial on YouTube using the products you offer. 
  • Get creative with advertising and sponsoring on Instagram.


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