Black Girl Magic! – Esperanza Spalding Is Harvard’s Newest Music Professor


Esperanza Spalding is winning and she will now have the opportunity to pass along her knowledge to Harvard students according to a Harvard Press release.

The musician has won four Grammys, a Smithsonian award, an NAACP Image Award, a Frida Kahlo award, a Boston Music Award and so much more which makes her more than qualified to enter Harvard’s Department of Music as a professor.

Spalding will teach a range of courses in songwriting, arranging, improvision and performance while bringing her commitment to music as a voice for social justice. According to the release.

Congratulations Esperanza! Well deserved!

at the conservatorio in Havana!! watch out, soon there’ll be more of us than you…. by the way, what is “jazz eugenics”?

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  1. Is that actually a picture of Esperanza? She looks so different in this photo I don’t know why. Her eyes and hair and the lighting I guess could do that. Almost looks like a completely different face-type though


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