Black Hollywood Came Out To Celebrate The Grand Opening Of Tyler Perry Studios This Weekend


Tyler Perry Studios celebrated its grand opening this weekend and pretty much all of black Hollywood showed up to support him.

The filming complex sits on 330 acres and is the former home of Fort McPherson and from what some of the celebrities described, its like a film museum celebrating not only actors and actresses before us, but people we watch year after year.

Halle Berry shared:

“It means that we’re here, and we ain’t going nowhere,” Berry said. “And you’re going to remember us a hundred years from now … and that we’re important. We matter. We have a right to be. And I love Tyler for that.”

Cicely Tyson said:
“I would come straight down from Heaven to experience this moment,” Tyson said. ‘Believe me, I wouldn’t miss it.”

Via Channel 2 Action News:

The studios are a crowning achievement for Perry, a once-struggling playwright who, more than 20 years ago, had been kicked out of his apartment and was living out of his car. Now 50, he’s seen a lifelong dream come to fruition.

Perry said he has built 12 massive sound stages for other Hollywood studios to rent. There’s a replica of the White House for his upcoming presidential television series, “The Oval.” There’s also a set for a hospital, jail, an airliner or an airport terminal, trailer park and a suburban subdivision.

“It’s beyond moving, inspiring, exciting. I can’t even put it into words,” Perry said of the reception Saturday night. “I’m blown away by it.”

Check out some of the pictures:

The man of the hour:

I look forward to everything Tyler Studios will add to the culture.



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