Black Mom Receives Mixed Reactions After Gifting Her Kids A Vending Machine For Christmas


A black mom shared that she gave her two children a vending machine for Christmas in an attempt to educate them on “making the right choices” and learning responsibility.

According to her, she did not want to ‘handicap’ her children by buying expensive toys but rather show them that ‘life is not easy’.

This was the picture she posted:

Reviews were mixed, some people making the point that Christmas is one day out of the year, and you can teach lessons the rest of the year.

one user wrote:

Coulda picked any day out of the 365 to do this but you pick Christmas where every kid should be enjoying gifts and stuff. My mans ain’t want to sell no buttafingers out a vending machine he wanted a PS5.”

Another social media user @wavypeanutbutter commented:

“I get it,” but they noted that the gift would have been more appropriate if the two kids were older.

“It’s just they’re a little too young in my opinion…I’ve would have did it when they are teenagers…..maybe between 14-16,”.

and another saying:

“I would’ve gifted this on New Year or something. I like to see kids be kids, especially on Christmas. I don’t believe in rushing their childhood. It was a good idea though. I understand the message. It was just delivered on the wrong day but do whatever it is you like with yours.”

and more:

Others praised her for being responsible.

@millionairecee__ wrote:

“This was a VERY smart idea actually! Bump the Jordans, ps5, and all that stuff. Once they see how much money they will have coming in they will thank their mom for that gift.”

Another person said:


Clearly, opinions are split, we think it is ok to do both! You can teach the lesson and still gift children something they really want on Christmas.

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  1. Some might not understand the assignment but mom gets it. Gifting generational wealth vs material things is next level. Everyone isn’t ready for that conversation. I’m sure the y got other gifts too. The lesson is entrepreneurship and ownership such a dope gift. We are too caught up on brands and material things. This is beautiful.

  2. Great idea! I wouldn’t pay any attention to the negative comments. One of them even admitted she was confused.
    Nothing wrong with educating your children how you see fit.

  3. I’m jumping in on this to echo the comments left here already! Yes! Mom got the assignment! Enough pouring revenue into worthless possessions. She’s teaching valuable life lessons and WE ARE HERE FOR THAT!

  4. Who gives a dam what other people think? Good for her! Most people commented about how they felt and what they wanted for the kids. If they really and truly wanted the kids to have presents then maybe they can go out and buy them some. A lot of people are buying their kids PS5’s when they can’t even count to five and they have a nerve to comment about somebody else and what they buy for their own kids. Oh Please!!


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