Black-Owned Skintone Footwear Line Officially Launched And We Love Everything


Meet entrepreneur Jeneba Barrie the lady responsible for creating her very own line of diverse and inclusive skin tone shoes.

Jeneba successfully raised over $23K on Kickstarter, for her shoes and every dollar raised was absolutely worth it. According to her website they have 13 nude (skin-tone) shades in the collection which is the most on the market and they are just getting started.

See below:

“We currently have 13 nude (skin-tone) shades in our collection–the most on the market–and we are just getting started. For far too long the market has had a very restrictive and narrow definition of “nude”–one or two shades of beige. We all know that when it comes to nude shoes, like foundation, one or two shades are not enough.

I believe that “nude” shoes should match your skin-tone and I launched this brand with that objective in mind.

Our product affords everyday women true nude versatility with pumps that can be worn from the boardroom to happy hour and even running errands around town.”

Look at this:

Jeneba was featured in Forbes and in that article she Barrie expressed becoming enamored with creating the most diverse and inclusive luxury nude (skin-tone) footwear line on the market, due to seeing a divide that has persisted for so many.

” 85% of the global population cannot find their shade in products labeled as ‘nude’ —think foundation, lipstick lingerie, and yes, even footwear. The nude shoe definition has excluded a huge part of the population, namely, women of color,” Barrie shares.

There are 3 heel lengths available, 4.1 inches, 3.5 inches, and 2 inches if you prefer a shorter heel. Follow the brand on Instagram here and on the website here.


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