Black-Run Mental Health & Wellness Podcasts Every Modern Woman Should Subscribe To

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We don’t know about you, but nothing is more satisfying than plunging into a riveting podcast sesh as you go about your day.

It can make cooking enjoyable, a hot bath more therapeutic, and running errands less annoying.

And during those strange, low-spirited times, a captivating podcast episode offers you much-needed escapism, expands your mind – and in most cases, gives you a good giggle.

If you haven’t joined the mind-blowing world of podcasts yet, you’re in for a treat with a specifically curated list of Black-run wellness podcasts.

BTW… even though hosted by phenomenal Black women, this list is relatable to everyone, as the journey to self-care and wellness has no limits. If not all, there will be at least two or three to keep in rotation during your’ me time’ moments.

Now, let’s plug into the magic, shall we?

Slay Girl, Slay

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Ashley Leggs has one mission – to encourage and inspire Brown and Black women to fearlessly pursue their dreams, harness their inner Athena (goddess of wisdom and warfare), live with intention, and show up their most unapologetic, authentic selves.

The series is perfect for every woman on the verge of coming up, creating her ideal space, and transforming her life. Plus, each episode is less than 30 minutes, so if you’re not into five-hour-long conversations, this is your perfect go-to.

Want to have a listen?

Start Here: You Deserve to Rest, Sis

The Clever Girls Know

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Hosted by Financial guru Bola Sokunbi, this podcast shares honest conversations with women at various stages of their financial journeys to help encourage, inspire, and motivate others on their own wealth-building odysseys, too!

Can’t wait to get some wealth-manifesting financial tips?

Start Here: Don’t Let Imposter Syndrome Mess With Your Goals

Good Moms, Bad Choices

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Finding the perfect parenthood podcast can feel like winning the lottery, literally! You want it to feel ‘so you’ and soo ‘everything you want to be for your kids.’

Meet Erica and Milah, two uncensored sex and cannabis-positive moms redefining what modern motherhood should look like – not fitted into a box.

They share their experiences (alongside their extraordinary guests) as moms and WOCs, honoring their individuality and unapologetically staying true to themselves.

So, if you’ve been looking for parenting advice with a side of sass or just need to feel validated for your good and bad choices, this should be your go-to.

Curious yet?

Start Here: Misconceptions of A Free Woman Feat Hadiiya Barbel

Balanced Black Girl

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This podcast screams self-care in and of itself. Host Lestraundra Alfred offers a dose of real-life wellness to Brown and Black queens weekly. She helps you break unhealthy relationship cycles with your body, integrate mindfulness into your daily routine, and remind you that ‘no’ is a complete sentence.

Want to have an in into radical mindfulness and self-awareness?

Start Here: Connecting with Your Inner Child and Intuition to Strengthen Your Relationships with Mari Roberts

Hey, Girl

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When last did you channel your inner child? And no, we’re not talking about the resurgence of body glitter or cheery headbands. We’re referring to the experiences that allowed you to develop your sense of self-appreciation, self-esteem, and self-worth.

Hosted by Alex Elle, The Hey Girl Podcast creates a space for women of all ages to share their stories on their journey towards self-love and appreciation. It helps you tap into your inner child to find your balance and purpose.

It also allows WOC to share their experiences on love, loss, and self-care. Every episode holds intimate conversations while shedding light on sisterhood.

Did we pique your interest?

Start Here: Alessandra Olanow on Art, Grief, and Non-Judgement

The Spread Podcast

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If you have African roots, you know African parents would rather clear a whole forest than have a heart-to-heart discussion on all things sex and sexuality. Yap! It took some of us 19+ years to learn what consent, family planning, and sexual anxiety really meant.

Luckily, sex-positive platforms such as ‘The Spread,’ a Kenyan-based podcast led by Karen Kaz Lucas, a renowned TED Speaker, have come up to help decolonize the way Africans and the world at large talks about sex and sexuality.

The series covers everything from LGBTQIA+ issues, Kink, Porn vs. Reality, Sex Positive Parenting, and Reproductive Rights, among others.

Sounds like something you’d want to listen to?

Start Here: Religion and the Bedroom

Brown Ambition

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Led by Mandi Woodruff and Tiffany Aliche, Brown Ambition is a weekly podcast that holds refreshingly honest and in-depth conversations about how Brown and Black women can build wealth, make smart investments, and navigate their careers.

The financial wellness gurus talk about everything from handling office bullies to how to consciously react when frenemies comment about your resting bitch face and what to do when you’re making more P’s than your bae/life partner.

Already resonating with some of their top trendy topics?

Start Here: Work Should Give You Wings, Not Shackles ft. Drew McCaskill

Legally Clueless

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At legally clueless, no topic is off limits. Created by former radio personality Adele Onyango, the series features #100 AfricanStories, which document various stages of uniquely enthralling journeys of the everyday African people.

It’s such a much-needed breath of fresh air and gives Africans agency over their life experiences and the overall portrayal of Africa.

Excited to dive into it?

Start Here: Surrender, Miscarriages, & Koshai

Inner Hoe Uprising

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Get ready for some of the most engaging, hilarious, and sex-revolutionizing topics because Inner Hoe Uprising doesn’t hold back. Hosted by Samantha Riddell, Akua, Rebecca & Rob, this series explores everything from body positivity, dating, polygamy, open relationships, transgender experiences, and hoerology.

Confused about which episode to begin with?

Start Here: TBH, I’m Tryna F*ck Some Aliens Tho

Food Heaven

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If food is your love language, you must add this podcast to your ‘on rotation’ list. Created by BFFs and certified dietitians Jessica Jones and Wendy Lopez, the series deeply explores how people can intentionally lead healthier, more balanced lives – no soul-crushing diets or stomach-knotting quick fixes here!

They also discuss body acceptance, food culture, mental health, and more. It’s one of those podcasts that encompasses a lil bit of everything to help modern women harness their inner queen and lead a full, healthy life.

Looking forward to a hang out with these queens?

Start Here: Here’s What You Do If You’ve Had Trouble Sleeping Lately

Why Won’t You Date Me?

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If you’ve been the empress of singlehood and have been wondering why your crush or even your doorman doesn’t seem interested, babe, subscribe to this podcast and make sure to turn the volume all the up!

Led by Nicole Byer, yes, the sassy host of Netflix’s Nailed It!, the series strives to answer questions about her life while exploring the struggles of dating in the 21st Century.

Each episode features entertaining guests who don’t hold back from sharing their dating adventures – from navigating the difficulties of long-distance relationships to the out-of-this-world experiences of online dating; this series explores it all.

Looking for answers of your own?

Start Here: Left For My Best Friend with Tika Sumpter

Happy podcasting, everyone! BTW, you can get access to all these podcasts on Audioboom, Apple Podcasts, Castbox, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Sound Cloud, Stitcher, and Tune-In.

And, as always, share with us some of your favorite podcast shows in the comment section below.


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