Black Woman Breaks Down Crying Over How Scared She Was After A Routine Traffic Stop


Ayanna Reid Cruver posted a video on her Facebook where she tells the story of being pulled over by a police officer for driving too slow.

The video literally moved me to tears because the same thing, (different circumstances) happened to me and while watching her video I was convinced more than ever that there needs to be constructive healing in our community.

Watch below:

In the case of my stop I made a bad turn after being lost for awhile. The police officer did not ask me to come out of the car but when he pulled me over and approached my car he did ask why I made such an erratic turn.

As I spoke to him I could feel my hands visibly shaking so much so that I held on to the steering wheel and I could feel the tears coming as I tried to keep it together. All the officer did after hearing that I was in fact lost was tell me to be careful and told me where to go in order to get out of the predicament that I was in.

When I looked at him I saw in his face that he saw my fear and the way he spoke was slow and calming. After he left, I cried—-ugly cried! I had so much fear bottled up inside of me that I did not know was there it was literally overwhelming.

I am so happy Ayanna shared her story, I am sure many of us have had similar experiences and it really does help to talk about it and not keep it bottled in.

In another note on Facebook Ayanna thanked her followers for all of their comments and reinforced how awful it is that civilians are scared of people who are put in place to protect us.

This is what she wrote:

To everyone who viewed and commented on the video I posted yesterday, thank you all so much for your loving words and support.❤️
I am very supportive of law enforcement and I have always known that there are good officers out there and I’m sure they outnumber the bad ones. Unfortunately, there’s no way to tell which one you are encountering until the entire scene plays out. That is what is so scary for so many of us.

How awful to be scared of the people put in position to protect us. How awful that the officers who created this fear and tension in our country have made it so much harder for the officers who only want to do their jobs with good intentions.

How awful that instead of feeling safe when we (some of us) see the police we feel as though our lives may be in danger.

There are so many lessons in experiences such as this one…for civilians and for law enforcement.
Again, thank you so much to all of you.

Your words have been truly therapeutic. I pray that this experience and other far more tragic ones will one day be something that we only discuss in our country’s history and not something that we have to endure in our present.
With much love and gratitude,



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