Black Woman Launches App to Make Mental Health Stigma-Free in Black Communities


Mental health is a major concern in the Black community. A lot of people go through it, yet they are afraid to speak out because they might face stigma.

That’s where Tamara Blue comes in. She is the CEO and founder of MentalHappy, a new social network that helps people around the world to overcome challenging events in their lives.

By offering peer support, people receive help from others who have been in similar situations.

In part, Blue founded the company to help deal with her own anxiety.

She was going through a tough time after a failed relationship and wasn’t sure what step to take next in her career.

She wanted to get help and to find help for others like her, so she started MentalHappy as a business selling care packages with items intended to promote wellness and spread joy.

Within a few years, her vision grew and her community expanded.

She decided to change the business from a product-based to service-based platform.

This evolution now allows the company to support millions of people who would otherwise struggle to get the support they need for their mental wellbeing.

Right now, MentalHappy is helping users in three main ways: it’s affordable, has unrivaled peer support, and is accessible to most people.

The company is on a mission to do away with mental health stigmas, and give everyone access to digital toolkits that can support their emotional wellbeing.

As MentalHappy keeps evolving and growing, Blue wants users to remember that they are naturally resilient and have inner strength. Through her platform, she hopes to guide people in need to a life of positive emotional wellbeing and good health.

Blue gets her motivation to do all this from the understanding that millions of people around the world need an app like hers.

She doesn’t want them to suffer alone and uses this to power through any challenges.

She hopes to become the kind of entrepreneur who creates something impactful that has a positive effect on people’s daily lives.

If they overcome their past doubts, have a willingness to try, and keep fear from holding them back, they can see what’s possible and have more positive outlooks towards life.

  Follow MentalHappy on Instagram here and on their website, here.


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