Black Woman-Owned Tax Firm Earns $1.5 Million in 3 Months

Black Woman-Owned Tax Firm
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People refer to Dr. Shawanda S. Moore as The Tax Doctor for a reason: her Black woman-owned tax firm earned an impressive $1.5 million in only 3 months.

Dr. Moore is the CEO and founder of Royal Financial Services.

Here, she has coached her team and worked to ensure the company’s most profitable year.

Even though Dr. Moore is proud of their accomplishments, she is not surprised.

From Loss To Growth

Photo credit: Royal Financial Services

Dr. Moore suffered a setback when she lost her son and business partner, Shaun.

However, this loss only strengthened her resolve to make Royal Financial Services a success.

She implemented new policies, procedures, and strategies to reflect the growth in her Black woman-owned tax firm.

She also used the daily encouragement and motivation her son gave her.

What They Do

Photo credit: Royal Financial Services

Royal Financial Services offers a range of services that include:

  • Tax Consultation
  • Bookkeeping and Payroll
  • Business Tax Preparation
  • Personal Tax Preparation

Dr. Moore has also helped her business’s software partners to grow their tax businesses.

So far, more than 10 of these partners have earned double the revenue they made last year.

Dr. Moore is proud of the progress her team and partners have made.

She wants to continue coaching them to grow increasingly profitable each successive year.

Establishing Herself as The Authority

Photo credit: Royal Financial Services

Dr. Moore’s nickname as The Tax Doctor is not a joke.

She has written several books, including:

  • “Introduction to Tax Preparation”
  • “Small Business Records”
  • “Starting a Business with the Tax Doctor”
  • “Budgeting and Saving with the Tax Doctor”
  • “The Tax Doctor Saves Christmas”

That’s not everything Dr. Moore has done, though.

She also sells her bespoke software to businesses new to the tax industry, including direct training and coaching.

Growing The Community

Photo credit: Royal Financial Services

Dr. Moore’s books sell well, but she doesn’t use up all the profits for herself.

Instead, she donates 30% of the proceeds to Royal Financial Services’ scholarship fund.

The fund from the Black woman-owned tax firm aids high schoolers to transition to college or even launch their own businesses.

The scholarship started in 2021 when it helped two students to buy supplies and books.

Dr. Moore also helps out her city every year through:

  • Stop the Violence Rallies
  • School Supplies/Uniform Giveaways
  • Youth Seminars
  • Thanksgiving Food Baskets
  • Christmas Toy Giveaways

Conclusion: The Black Woman-Owned Tax Firm We Need

Photo credit: Royal Financial Services

Royal Financial Services is a Black woman-owned tax firm that is actually making a difference in the lives of its staff, partners, clients, and community.

Dr. Moore is an entrepreneur who positively influences everyone around her, and we need more entrepreneurs like her.


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