Black Woman Shares Story About Being Attacked By A White Couple While At Her Child’s Daycare


Yall get into this story!

Azia Arealle is a nurse from Tinley Park IL who shared a disturbing story on her Instagram about the moment she was attacked by a white couple while in the parking lot of her child’s daycare.

The name of the school is Tutor Time Learning Center in Tinley Park IL.

Read below:
Wednesday as I picked my baby up from @tutortimeschool in Tinley Park IL I was attacked by a woman I had never seen and her husband.

As I was trying to get my baby out of the rain and into her car seat on my passenger side I heard “you better not hit my mf car again”.

I looked up and realized she was speaking to me, I ignored her and tried to not touch her car with the door.

She puts her child into the car on her passenger side, I’m still trying to get my baby to sit down and she comes and pushes my door squishing me and my baby.

She did this twice and I told her “it’s not on purpose, it’s raining and I have a baby in my arms”.

She said she didn’t care and called me a “black B*tch”.

She hit me and we started to fight.

Her husband then gets out the car and starts pulling my hair, banging my head into my window and punching me in the face as well as spewing racial slurs.

Even after his wife and I were separated this 6-foot white man continued to push me and swung on me AGAIN. They had my keys and wouldn’t allow me to get to my car, to my baby!!!!

The school not ONCE asked if I was ok, if my daughter was ok.

But they made SURE to call the police and stood with the white family the entire time that the police were there! I told the @tppolicedept that this couple jumped me and how this 6-foot man continued to hit and push me afterward, making sure I couldn’t get to my baby.

They asked if I wanted to press charges, I said yes.

Instead, they were let go, I received a citation and my baby was kicked out of the daycare that she’s been at since she was 6 weeks old.

The school never even waited for the investigation but was quick to email me and say I was a danger to the facility and that my child could not return.

I had on scrubs and my RN badge but of course, that meant absolutely nothing!

That man gave me a severe concussion BUT THAT MEANS NOTHING! And now at my daughter’s school “the story” is that I was going to go get gang members and kill everyone in the school 😳 like WHAT oh because I’m BLACK smh sad.


Then she shared these pictures:


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Unreal! We hope the police department does a proper investigation and she is able to press charges.


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