Black Woman Shares What “Pretty Privilege” Has “Gotten Her”, Some Are Saying This Is Not A Flex


Chicago-based Tiktoker Anjola Fagbemi (@bejewelledbud) shared a video describing to her followers what pretty privilege has ‘gotten her’ this past Summer.

In the video, she lists a ton of free things she has been able to score because she is attractive. Tickets, drinks, dinner, breakfast, you name it, and the people who gifted her expected nothing back.

Anjola shared that she literally just talks to these men, nothing more.

She shared:
Anjola Fagbemi · Creator – Y’all I literally just spoke to these men. Conversation, that’s it. Deep convo that makes ppl feel loved and heard🤍

Watch the video below:

Some women shared that what is being shared, isn’t anything new, it happens and there is no reason to make a big deal out of it.

Others shared that it’s about the vibe and confidence that women exude over just being ‘pretty’.

bloomie_2020 – You seem very feminine and confident and I feel like that helps too. Bc I know some pretty women that don’t get this treatment.

Others can totally relate:

P. – Girl I love this relatable content bc my pretty privilege has been doing wonders for me since I moved to Chicago. Love it here!

erykah – I love when they buy the drinks and then leave you alone

Kyndra 👑 people always think I’m lying when I say stuff like this just happens

Mila J – Perks of being pretty with good vibes and a personality ✨ love it for you!

This Tiktoker shared her experience as well:


I’ve been seeing pp videos on my fyp. I don’t know if this is pretty privilege but this is my insight #adviceforwomen #prettyprivilege #journeyofself

♬ A moist healing song – Nez Tunes

and here:


@miko_lee_ #prettyprivilege

♬ original sound – ThatYaYaLady

On the other side of the spectrum, women are saying this isn’t a flex, especially in this day and age. Do you use, ‘pretty privilege? Share your thoughts below!


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