Black Women Come Together To Discuss What It Means To Be Classically Beautiful In A Documentary


This video was released back in January of 2016 but I wanted to bring it back because the conversation is so important.

I think we live in a digital world where black women are still misrepresented especially in the media and on social media which is rapidly growing to be our norm we are the subject matter used for jokes especially from our male comedic counter parts that frankly often leads to misogyny.

The perpetuation of negative stereotypes of black women is a real problem in our community but on the other side of the coin we never hear the stories of the average black woman and what she is doing in her life that is positive and classically beautiful.

I think if we remain vigilant at defining ourselves then we can fight against the stereotypes that people who do not know us see which is why content like this is so important.

In this video ordinary black women from Jersey, get real about what it means to be Classically beautiful including some of the things that we do that does not encourage the essence of our own beauty.

Check out the video for yourself:

Your turn, tell me what classically beautiful means to you!


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