Black Women Launch Men’s Skincare Line


Dion Michaels is a results-driven skincare line catering to men of all ethnicities. One of the things that make it stand out is the founders.

Tammie Sykes and Simone Randle are the two Black women behind the brand.

As a result, they have made history as the first Black women to launch a skincare line dedicated to men.

Why Launch Dion Michaels?

Sykes and Randle founded the skincare line to tackle the main skincare problems that were affecting the men in their lives, from dry beards to razor burns.

They learned that these problems caused a dip in confidence in men.

To keep men looking good and feeling great, Dion Michaels gives them two main products: a skin balm and a grooming cream.

These products help to protect men’s skin, and as a result, boost their confidence. Men can get them through a subscription system.

According to Randle, the male demographic in the skincare industry does not have sufficient products to help them; their choices are too limited and most are not tailored to each ethnicity. Men simply want an effective product and to follow a simple regimen.

How It Works

Dion Michaels makes use of a custom-blended formula. It has carefully chosen ingredients that cater to every man’s skin type.

The skincare line’s early testers reported a significant improvement in the quality of their skin in just two weeks. When asked, most of them revealed that, even as their complexion began to even out, they noticed a considerable glow in their skin.

Thanks to Dion Michaels’ unique, targeted formula, men no longer have to follow the tiresome multi-step skincare routine. Instead, they use few products that have multiple functions. These products save hours that men could be spending in the bathroom if they wanted decent results.

The grooming cream works as a moisturizer, a shaver, and a cleanser for the face as well as for bald men. As for the skin balm, it additionally works as an aftershave and a moisturizer. It calms and soothes one’s skin after each shave.

For Every Man

Sykes and Randle designed Dion Michaels to be a brand for every man. No matter their facial hair texture, skin color, or skin type, the brand promises that every man who uses its products will get the results he wants.

This comes from years spent on research and development until they finally came up with a successful formula.

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