Black Women Are Rocking Fulani Inspired Protective Styles And It Is Beautiful


#fulaniInspired hair has been trending for a minute now and I have been so inspired by how black women are embracing the hair styles and making it their own that I had to take an in-depth look at it and sort of collect a few styles for this post.

I like to say that when black women wear a style or when we get super excited about our hair that those feelings are deeply rooted in our African heritage.

Fulani people also known as Fulbe or Peuls live in West Africa and often described as the most culturally diverse people in Africa.

The largest concentrations of Fulani can be found in the countries of Senegal, Nigeria, Ghana and Guinea and they became the ruling class that intermarried within local populations.

Many of the styles we have been rocking are specific to the Hausa-Fulani people who were very proud of their hair and style.

The below tutorial Fusion of Cultures tells the story of Aminatu who is a great Hausa warrior queen and military strategist. What she wanted to do was create a safe passage for Hausa traders at that time. In honor of Aminatu Fusion of cultures recreates a gorgeous Hausa-Fulani inspired hairstyle while telling the historical story of Aminatu.

Watch below:

In the next style Olushola uses extension hair to recreate her Hausa Fulani inspired hair, dressing the style up with beads.

This third video was a collaboration between @nnescorner and @braidbysusy where they created an updo Ethiopian inspired according to the video but the same concept:

If you want to recreate this style, I challenge you to be as creative as possible because as you can see there are a ton of combinations you can try. I think the hardest part for each of these styles is sourcing the beads and if you are having trouble with that try buying them from here.

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