#Blackgirlmagic – 13 yr Old Kyndall Harris Is A Dancer Beyond Her Years

Kyndall Harris

Do you remember that Panda video that went viral a week or so ago (click play if you haven’t already)? Well one of the girls in the video is one of the dopest dancers I have seen in a long time. Kyndall Harris pictured above is only 13 years old and her skills are unreal.

She is so talented that Janet Jackson picked her to go on tour with her and Kyndall herself has described the opportunity as the best time of her life.

Kyndall Harris

Elle Magazine did a piece on the little talent giving us great insight on just who this little prodigy is:

Harris started dancing at age six; by seven she’d joined the Memphis Grizzlies junior dance team and by 11 she’d earned a spot in the L.A. dance troupe Lil Beasts (run by big name choreographer WilldaBeast Adams, who made last month’s viral “Formation” choreography video).

Along the way, Harris built a solid YouTube following. Then, last fall, Janet Jackson hired Harris to dance on her Unbreakable World Tour, completely changing the game for then 12-year-old Harris. The job came just months after Harris’ family moved from Memphis to Los Angeles to service Kyndall’s career, though they had no idea how soon, or how much, it’d pay off. (“There’s no road map for this,” says Kyndall’s mom and manager, Shontal.)

“That was my ultimate goal, to go on tour,” Harris says from a sun-drenched soundstage in Los Angeles where she’s dressed as a young Janet Jackson (acid wash jeans, mini backpacks, flannel shirts).

“I didn’t think it would happen this quick!” she gushes, which makes sense: Hiring a 12-year-old dancer for a mammoth 111-show tour (88 shows in North America, 3 in Asia, and 20 in Europe) meant that Jackson had to mitigate the headache of employing a child performer, paying extra fees and negotiating legal documents, in addition to taking tutors and Harris’s mom along for the ride.

It’s hardly a run-of-the-mill background dancer arrangement, but clearly Jackson thought it was worth it for Harris’s talent and spark. (Harris is actually one of two young dancers on Jackson’s tour; along with 12-year-old Taylor Hatala, they call themselves the #Jbabies.)

Kyndall Harris


Watch her in action with Janet Jackson:

Kyndall is what #blackgirlmagic is all about, she is amazing and when you hear her speak you have to wonder how does such a little voice have so much fire inside of her?

Whats next for Kyndall?

Well she has a ton lined up! She will be on America’s Got Talent, Ellen Degenere’ forthcoming child talent competition as well as Little Big Shots.

Kyndall said it best “It’s hard work, but it’s not tiring,“— She is amazing!


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