Mathew Cherry announced the audiobook version of his Oscar Winning short film Hair love is to our surprise it is being narrated by Blue Ivy Carter.

This was his announcement on Twitter:

And this was what was shared on Instagram:


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Our Hair Love audiobook is live. Narrated by Blue Ivy Carter. Link in bio and available everywhere audiobooks are sold 💙

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You can imagine the collective surprise on social media when they heard Blue Ivy Carter’s voice after the announcement! Everyone posting shocked emojis and memes.

There was this tweet:

And this tweet noting that Blue is booked and very busy:

As the news makes its way across social media, some fans have noted the irony of hearing Blue’s voice on one of the most popular hair books in existence for black hair and recalling the days she was chastised for her own beautiful fro.

This is a big deal not just for Blue but to all the little black girls who’ve been on teased for their coils or pressed to change their natural hair to fit someone else’s idea a beauty #beautiful

Then there was this tweet!

And Gabriel Union describes the announcement as the gift that keeps on giving:

This is the gift that just keeps on giving!! Being able to hear Blue Ivy give voice to this masterful story is so awesome. They try to bury us, not knowing we are seeds of strength and beauty. LOVE! #Hairlove

We agree Go ahead Blue!

The audiobook is available everywhere that Audiobooks are sold!


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