Blue Ivy And Her Homegirl Are Our End Of The Year Mood This Weekend


Jay-Z dropped a new video on Tidal last night called “Family Feud”, off of his 4:44 album! The video features Beyonce with cameos from Blue Ivy.

To be honest, apart from random clips I haven’t watched the video but according to Variety it was Directed by Ava DuVernay and resembles a “Godfather-esque” trailer starting with Jay walking in a church with Blue Ivy to do a confessional with Beyonce!

Like most of us I was most interested in the outtakes featuring Blue Ivy because of how darn adorable she is. She was on set with her homegirl who has not been identified, sucking on lollipops and showing the world that she really is the coolest in the family.

Check out some of her pics:

That puff though! #moodaf


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