Boho Locs Turned 1 And We Are Helping Them Celebrate All Weekend Long!


Have you ever had a friend that gets invited to all the parties and then regardless of what you have planned for the weekend she always wants to drag you along?

Well, I am that friend and ‘BOHO LOCS turning 1’ is that party! We have worked Boho locs before and I am so thrilled to celebrate this milestone with them and to offer you a MASSIVE SALE!

They are offering 20% off of their entire store TODAY! BLACK FRIDAY! This sale will only last until November 29th and it is at this link >>

If you are new to the blog, let me give you a brief intro! The company is owned by a black woman Lulu Pierre and she creates protective style kits for women who love faux locs. Each package is handmade and pre-made individually for each of their clients.

Let me introduce you to her real quick! Press play!

Boho Mission Statement from Lulu Pierre on Vimeo.

About the products

They are one of a kind

Developed and designed in house all locs are handmade just for you. Every strand of BOHO LOCS is UNIQUE with its own twists, bends and curls. No two heads of BOHO LOCS are the exact same and you can’t get these beautiful and innovative locs anywhere else.

Beginner friendly

The locs are easy to apply yourself in less time it takes to watch a movie. Forget spending 9 – 10 hours getting your faux locs done, BOHO LOCS gives you beauty, FAST.

They are Lightweight

They are designed with your edges and roots in mind. BOHO LOCS are a great protective style, so you can slay while your hair stays protected and growing.

They are reusable

The vast majority of Boho clients love to reuse their locs because the loc kits are so packed with volume, that you will always have locs left over for touch-ups! (Each pack comes with and extra 120 strands of locs which is more than you need)

Local Shipping

With warehouses in the USA and UK, there is convenient local ground shipping, so you can get your locs in no time at all.

Watch these four short videos to see exactly what we mean:

Bronde Mermaid Locs

Midnight Mermaid Locs

Midnight Mermaid Loc application:


The Sale

The entire store is on sale on BLACK FRIDAY and they are selling everything at 20% off! This sale will only last until November 29th so please head over to this link >> and show them some birthday and black Friday love.

Oh! And follow them on Instagram here!


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